A Brand New Day: Review by Carmela Dutra

Carmela Dutra, author of Lorenzo The Bear: Encounter at Jellyfish Cove and blogger at www.ablogforyourthoughts.com, has given A Brand New Day a most generous review. Thank you for your shout out, tweets and support!

“This was such a sweet story with a big message! Here we have a little girl who has divorced parents, and a step family. But she isn’t sad, in fact far from it! She loves both of her parent’s very much, even her little step brother whom she calls cute. She treasure the time she has with both of parents. The vacations she spends with each of them, the things they do together. She doesn’t dwell on the fact that they are apart from each other, in fact she knows and understand this. But to her, they are always together, and will always be family of three.

Truly a beautiful story by A.S. Chung that can really help children, who might be struggling with this situation. This touching story is accompanied by tender illustrations. The illustrations in themselves, tell a story. Overall this is a wonderful gem for kids to read. Whether they are new to reading, or have been reading for years, this book is a wonderful read. Not mention it rhymes! What child doesn’t enjoy reading a story that rhymes?!

A Brand New Day: A Banana Split Story by A.S. Chung is a great book. Pick it up today, and you won’t be sorry.”

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