Blogger Interview: Holly Sosa

OUR HOLLY DAYS BY HOLLY SOSAOur Holly Days by Holly Sosa

1) Tell us what your blog is about and what inspired its conception?
I have always been a blogger. I can remember starting a LiveJournal back in High School & I always kept up some form of a private blog. I started publicly blogging in 2008 after the loss of my son, Liam. Originally, I wanted to connect with other parents who had experienced loss similar to mine. Since then, my blog has taken on a whole new life & I’ve loved the community it has opened up to me.

2) Who is your ideal reader and what do you hope they can gain from your blog?
An ideal reader? Well, ANY reader is ideal; I’m not picky! Ha! My typical readers are Moms & Step-Moms with small children. By sharing my experiences, I hope to teach other parents whether it be with easy recipes or crafts to potty training & step-parenting.

3) Where do you see your blog in 5 years’ time and will the topic continue to be as prevalent?
In five years, I’d love for Our Holly Days to be a fairly mainstream blog that offers tons of content for parents with children of all ages. I’d also love to write a recipe book that features fun holiday ideas for kids.

4) How do you continually find content for your blog?
I’m a pretty creative person; so I’ve never had an issue with that area. I do get into a slump now & then, but motivation is key. I treat my blog like it’s my job & dedicate myself to making it fun, fresh, & filled with content.

5) What opportunities has your blog provided you?
When I began, it connected me with families that had also lost babies. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone in my grief & provided me with comfort. Since then, I have been blessed to be able to work with several brands that my family already uses. How much fun is it to get paid to share things you already love with your audience!? It’s opened up a whole world for me!

6) With a brood of five children, how do you find the time to blog and also include all those wonderful photos to complement your posts?
I’m organized down to the minute. I’m a self-confessed organizational freak; so I am careful with my time. Typically, I work while the kids are in school or napping, & even late into the night.

7) Living so remotely, how do you keep up with fashion, style and crafts?
BLOGS! It’s so much fun to keep up with the trends, activities, ideas, & more via my fellow bloggers. It gives me a link to the world outside of my rural town & allows me to explore ideas I wouldn’t usually see.

8) How do you get inspired with all your recipes?
I draw most of my ideas from what made me excited as a kid. My mother was always creative with food & it made me feel so special. Transitioning that into my cooking has always felt natural to me.

9) Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers?
Dedication. I’ve had several people approach me to help them start a blog & they get off to a fabulous start, but six months in they give up. Posts suddenly stop & they disappear. I didn’t get to where I am overnight…or even in a year. It takes dedication & determination to not give up. You’ll build an audience over time. And get to where you want to be!

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