Blogger Interview: Ana & Frank Amelio

OUR BLENDED MARRIAGE BY ANA & FRANK AMELIOOur Blended Marriage by Frank and Ana Amelio

Frank and Ana are an American expat couple currently living in Croatia. Their family is a blended one, not just because this is their second marriage but because they are also a blend of two similar yet different cultures. Their blog is a place where they share their blended family experience as well as blogging, design and productivity tips.

1) Tell us what your blog is about and what inspired its conception?
Our blog is about our everyday life, a place for us to share our experience as a blended family, our dreams for the future with a mix of blogging, design, and productivity tips.

2) Who is your ideal reader and what do you hope they can gain from your blog?
Our ideal readers are other parents, people who have been in our situation, and people who are facing the possibility of having a blended family. We hope to inspire others and show them that there is love and life after divorce, that blended families can thrive, and that dreams do come true.

3) Where do you see your blog in 5 years’ time and will the topic continue to be as prevalent?
In 5 years time we hope to still be blogging and we hope that our topic will be prevalent as it is today because blended families are out there and I don’t think they will go away any time soon.

4) How do you continually find content for your blog?
We find inspiration in our day to day life, and we address any issues we might come across. Sometimes, a heated topic can be a theme for a general post idea, but we also share our knowledge of blog design since we are experienced in that area. Considering Ana is also a work at home mom she knows all too well the struggle work at home moms face and she is not afraid to jump in and share her experience with others.

5) What opportunities has your blog provided you?
So far, we have been interviewed on a few small scale blogs, and Ana had a few of her posts featured on BlogHer and SITSGirls blogs. We also had the opportunity to review Time Doctor, a fabulous time tracking software, and work with a few brands on sponsored posts such as ServiceRestore Master and Merry Maids.

6) What made you include a “complete random things” page to your blog?
We wanted to be honest and fun at the same time. Although we have an About page on our blog, it serves more as an overview of what our blog has to offer. Writing separate pages with random facts about us seemed like a fun way for people to get to know us better.

7) How do the two of you work together on this blog? Do each of you have distinctive roles or is it very much adhoc?
When it comes to maintaining the blog and social networking, Ana carries the load there. When it comes to writing blog posts, Frank is more spontaneous than Ana and blogs as his work schedule allows. It’s nice to have a blogging partner who also serves as a back up editor and someone to bounce off general topic ideas.

8) Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers?
We could probably tell you here everything that’s already been said multiple times. So we are not going to do that. The words of advice that we have is: be who you are, and be social. Nobody will come to your blog just because you published your first post. You have to let the world know you are there and the best way to do that is to go visit other bloggers. Be generous with comments and with sharing their content. Don’t give up if they don’t visit you immediately. Most of the bloggers out there have a few dozen other blogs they follow and it might take a few comments from you before they come visit your blog. But in 99.9% of the cases they will come and check you out.

Should you wish to know more about Ana & Frank Amelio and would like to follow their blog, here are all her pertinent details.

Blog: Our Blended Marriage
Ana & Frank’s social media connections:

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