Blogger Interview: Natasha Peter


PROFESSIONAL BIO: Epic Mommy Adventure by Natasha Peter
Natasha blogs over at Epic Mommy Adventures, where she shares her every day epic adventures as a single mom to her son, and shares tips for other single parents to navigate the ins and outs of parenthood. She is a contributor to the Mother of All Meltdowns, an anthology focused on the adult-sized meltdown, and a board member of the International Bloggers Association, which focuses on helping bloggers expand their audience by providing opportunities to share and be shared by other members of the community.

1) Tell us what your blog is about and what inspired its conception?
My blog is all about sharing the ins and outs of single parenthood – the frustrations, exciting moments, and lastly and most importantly, the incredible appreciation for being a mommy. I want to create an impact on those who read my blog, whether they are a single mom or not.

I started Epic Mommy Adventures back when a friend recommended that I started sharing my thoughts and experiences through blogging. I had been writing a journal for some time, but it was great to now share them with the world. And I haven’t looked back since.

2) Who is your ideal reader and what do you hope they can gain from your blog?
My ideal readers are moms – those who are going through a difficult time and concerned about parenting alone, those in happily married relationships but struggling with motherhood, any type of mother at all. I hope that they are able to know that they’re not alone. We can only get through it if we work through it together.

3) Where do you see your blog in 5 years’ time and will the topic continue to be as prevalent?
In 5 years, I hope that my blog continues to grow and evolve.  I hope to come up with a few interesting ideas to really make my blog a household name, while continuing to be myself. Being a mom will continue to be a prevalent topic; however, as life changes and evolves, I’m sure that my blog will change and evolve as well.

4) How do you continually find content for your blog?
Honestly, I find my best content from just living life, and reading other blogs. Most of the topics addressed on Epic Mommy Adventures, are those that I have specifically gone through myself or someone close to me has experienced. And reading other blogs allows me to answer some of my own questions and challenges and I use those thoughts to create blog posts that are based on my life.

5) How do you find the time and motivation to blog being a single mother, working full time and studying part time?
Honestly, it’s really hard to balance it all – I have to give my full attention to each of these facets of my life while keeping myself afloat. The time comes when it comes – I squeeze it in during breaks, late at night, early mornings, whenever I can. The motivation comes easily because I love each and every facets of my life – I LOVE being a mom and I love blogging, working to take care of my family, and studying to continue to support my family. So I just do it all – because I love them all.

6) Do you believe things happen for a reason?
Absolutely! I believe that everything happens for a specific reason. My life is an example of just that. Although I have been through so much in such a short life, I have come forward with a drive and resilience like no other. I couldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for the fact that all of these things had to happen to me. And I don’t regret anything, because it was supposed to happen.

7) Do you think you would have been a blogger (of any kind!) had you not gotten a divorced and gone through this life challenge?
I think I may have to clarify my welcome message. My son’s father is not my ex-husband. Actually, I met my son’s father while I was separated from my then husband. But a lot happened during a 4 year span – more than I could ever imagine.

Yes, I do believe that I was somewhat destined to become a blogger, so if it wasn’t for my life changing so drastically, it would have been for another reason. I had been reading blogs for some time when I started, so I think I would have inevitably wanted to start writing my own blog.

8) Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers?
Oh, I have tons of advice for aspiring bloggers, but I have one important piece of advice that I’d like to share – Stay true to yourself. When you start your blog, you will want to imitate those who are successful in order for you in turn to become successful. But if this is not your true self, you will inevitably lose an interest in blogging. You will find it hard to keep up with the pace of trying to be someone you are not. So make sure to always stay true to yourself, and define your own success.

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