A Brand New Day: Review by Kara Evelyn-McNeil

Kara Evelyn-McNeil, author of Fail Thee Well Little Bear has generously reviewed A Brand New Day. Fail Thee Well Little Bear is the second in a series of social education children’s books that helps to parents to start conversations with their children on the subject and practice of gratitude. Thank you Kara for such a well written review!

“A Brand New Day by A.S. Chung is a beautifully simple, light and fun story which illustrates the proverbial ‘cherry on top’ of being a part of a family split up by divorce or separation — or in other words: A Banana Split Story that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Our hero skips, hops, laughs, plays and smiles through the days of the week spent at either her mother’s house or her father’s house. With her mother she gets to help in the garden, and play with her step brother, while at her father’s house she spends her time helping dad to cook, and engages in imaginative activities like painting and reading picture books!

The illustrations are lovely, and clever. The absence of colour beyond pale pink accents throughout the pictures is thought provoking, subtly representing the main character’s rosey disposition and positive outlook on life. What I liked best about the character is how she never presents herself as a victim and never seems to demonstrate self-pity the way some might assume the reaction of a child “suffering” the throes of divorce or separation to look like. Our hero does not succumb to such drama. She doesn’t see herself as going through something rotten and terrible. Instead, she makes the best out of family life as it is. She is happy and grateful to have both parents present, even though they aren’t together.”

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