A Brand New Day Review: by Lisa Berson

Lisa Berson is a freelance writer and blogger based in Western Australia, Australia.

Lisa use to blog about her midwifery perspective on birth, life and motherhood on her MummyManifesto blog but has since consolidated her writing to her current blog, lisaberson.com. Her loyal and passionate readers visit her website for a place to mull over her thoughts about motherhood, women’s lifestyle, travel, career or corporate topics. She has reviewed A Brand New Day and writes about difficulties of divorce for a young child.

“An e-book by A.S. Chung “A Brand New Day” is a sweet tale about a little girl who shares the fun activities and daily events when she visits her separated parents during the week, weekends and on holiday time.

The message throughout the book is one of positivity. Each parent takes turns parenting the little girl during various outings or tasks around the house. There is no direct reference to divorce or separation nor is either parent the “the bad guy” which is sometimes the case with divorce situations. The book focuses on the parent-child relationships and how both parents can be successful maintaining separate homes & connections within the family unit.

The book’s gorgeous illustrations by Paula Bossio, are set in only 2-3 colours and I thought that the author & illustrator were a perfect match as they both brought the character to life for me as a reader.

I enjoyed “A Brand New Day” and loved the whole concept of a positive and gentle outlook on divorce for kids.”

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