A Brand New Day: Review by Optimistic Divorcees

A Brand New Day receives an amazing review from divorce bloggers The Optimistic Divorcees. Created by Cheryce Thompson and Shari Anderson, The Optimistic Divorcees was created as a way to share their experiences surrounding their marriages and divorces in an effort to encourage, support and relate to those who are experiencing separation or divorce. They realize that this transition is not easy and often times one may feel alone or believe no one understands. They do. It is their hope that this blog connects with those who need to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, life goes on and there’s reason to remain optimistic.

Thank you Cheryce and Shari for such a well thought out review of the book. You have articulated the exact intention of the book and we certainly hope it will be of some help to young children going through divorce.

“Times have changed and more resources have become available since I went through my transition from 2 parent, 2 income household to divorced, single parent. Back then I felt like there was no help and that I just had to find my way in the dark, on my own. If there were books, support groups, movies, etc available, I didn’t know anything about them. Today with an overload of information readily available at our fingertips via our ever-present smartphones, tablets, and even smart TVs, I’m more aware and always coming across various helpful blogs, periodicals, podcasts, books, etc that are beneficial to the successful navigation of this major life change.

As a result of a connection we’ve made via this outlet, we were introduced to a children’s book by A.S. Chung called A Brand New Day. This book is written from a child’s viewpoint as she deals with her every day life with her parents after their divorce. In the book the child talks about what she likes on the days she is with her dad and what she likes on the days she is with her mom. She expresses how much she loves her parents and the love that she feels from both her parents, even though they are apart. The book even addresses children dealing with a possible new family, as the character had a little step-brother.

My heart was warmed as I went through this picture book. Though simple, it was so REAL! It was a great depiction of how arrangements can be when a divorced couple share custody of a child. The story was parallel to some of my own experiences as my son went back and forth between us when he was younger. I’m confident that my son felt the love from his father and I, but it would have been great to have a book like this handy! I highly recommend this book if you have children and are divorced/separated and share custody. It could possibly help them to better understand the love that you all have for them and let them know that they are not alone and that other children are having the same experience.”

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