Illustrator Interview: Anna Lloyd

Anna Lloyd has enjoyed drawing and painting since she was very young. She spent many a lunch hour with her friends in the art room at school. She also has a university degree in Design, majoring in Illustration. One of her tutors at University was illustrator Tony Oliver.

Anna Lloyd is an illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. Anna is a versatile illustrator who works in a wide range of mediums and styles. Her work includes whimsical illustrations in pen and ink, watercolour, pencil and acrylic paint as well as mixed media paper projects.

1) How did you become an illustrator of children’s books or similar works?
An Author found my website portfolio, liked my style of illustration and asked me to contact her publisher.

2) Describe your illustration style.
My illustration style is fun and colourful using a mixture of mediums including, watercolours, pens, ink, pencils and acrylic paints. I am happiest illustrating animals, but I like to mix it up a bit.

3) When did you realise you could make a living from your talent?
I really enjoyed reading and looking at artwork in children’s books and other forms of art when I was a child. I immersed myself in art books throughout high school and my parents took me to a lot of art galleries.

4) Who are your biggest influences in your artistic career?
The people who encouraged me in art as a child were my biggest influencers, my grandparents, parents, art teachers, tutors and friends. Now I am influenced by other artists and the artwork I admire.

5) When collaborating with an author or a client, how do you ensure you are able to translate their words into art and convey the message they are trying to portray? 
I read the text then look for a whole lot of reference material that will support the work and start sketching. Once I have finished a page or several pages I send them through for approval.

6) Tell us about the proudest piece of work you have done.
I don’t think I have made it yet… Aren’t we all striving for the next work to be better than the last?

7) What advice do you have for aspiring illustrators?
Work really hard, practise and live and breathe your work.

8) Please provide a short brief of each of the pictures you have submitted
This is an illustration of a little Vietnamese boy running with a kite. With this one I was hoping to convey the freedom of being a child. Watercolour and pencil illustration.

little Vietnamese boy running with a kite

An illustration of a girl with a shell in her hair. This is a fun little illustration in black ink and watercolour paint.

a girl with a shell in her hair

Two beautiful native Australian owls sitting on a tree, illustrated with markers and coloured pencils.

Two beautiful native Australian owls sitting on a tree

Should you wish to know more about Anna Lloyd, here are her pertinent details.

Website: Anna Lloyd
Anna’s social media connections:

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