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Shopping List

Shopping List by Hobvias Sudoneighm


Listopia is a book list function created by Goodreads. Here you are able to find endless lists of books by genre or topics to suit your personal preferences. It enables readers to find specific books they may be looking for or recommendations of what to read next based on their requirements.

Interracial YA Novels
Best Children’s Books authored by Women
Boarding School Stories

The possibilities are endless!

As an author, you can list your book onto any list that fits your category or genre. You will however appear as the last listing. You then need to rally for readers to vote for your book and the more votes you get, the higher in rank you will appear on the list. Like anything, most people will not trawl through page after page so it is important to appear at least on the first 2 pages of the list.

Goodreads Listopia

Maurice Sendak On Top of The Best Children’s Books List

Example: In the Best Children’s Book list, Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is ranked no. #1 with 1014 readers voting for that book.

The best part about Listopia is that you can create a new list! You can make it as specific or as generic as you wish. Just a note however that it does require other books to be on the list for it to have any credibility and for readers to take the list seriously. No use having a list entitled Best Middle Grade Book Written in Rhyme with a Yellow Cover, and you are the only contender!

The search mechanism spans over 1000 possible tags! No excuses for not being able to find a list that suits you.

Goodreads Listopia Feature List

Goodreads Listopia Feature List

You can look at Featured Lists, Lists with Recent Activities and Lists Your Friends Have Viewed. This way you can see for yourself the popular lists to try and tag your book/s in.

The bottom right hand page also has a Brand New List section so you are constantly being updated on newly created lists which may assist your book marketing goals.

As an author, you can also help out fellow indie authors by voting for their books

It pays to be on these lists as readers may stumble upon your book when they otherwise wouldn’t have.  Coupled by the fact that it’s a simple process and is completely free, it is well worth the effort.

5 thoughts on “How To Use Listopia On Goodreads

    • Congratulations Lenna! You must be super excited. If you are self-publishing make sure you have all your press releases ready to go now. My rookie mistake with my first book. Keep in touch and let us know how you’re going.


  1. Dear A. S. Chung,

    Thank you for posting this! I’m active on LinkedIn and Facebook, but not on Goodreads. I may reconsider after reading your essay.

    Best wishes!

    Janet Ruth Heller
    Author of the poetry books Exodus (WordTech Editions, 2014), Folk Concert: Changing Times (Anaphora Literary Press, 2012) and Traffic Stop (Finishing Line Press, 2011), the scholarly book Coleridge, Lamb, Hazlitt, and the Reader of Drama (University of Missouri Press, 1990), the award-winning book for kids about bullying, How the Moon Regained Her Shape (Arbordale, 2006), and the middle-grade book for kids The Passover Surprise (Fictive Press, 2015).
    My websites are and


    • You welcome Janet! That platform is also free and you would be able to target to your specific audience and give your book more exposure. Good luck with it and I would love to hear if you manage to get any traction out of it and share your experience.


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