How To Keep Track Of Your Twitter Followers With Crowdfire

Susan DayGuest Posting by Susan Day.
Susan Day is a children’s author of over 20 print and eBooks. She has been working her social media presence for over five years and feels her head is just bursting with tips and advice. To alleviate this condition she has decided to blog a non-fiction book one post at a time entitled How to Publish a Children’s Book at Little or No Cost.


Follow Me on Twitter

Sexy Tweet: Follow Me @DianaGavrilita by Seattle Clouds

Not everyone you follow on Twitter will follow you back. It’s not because there is something wrong with you or because they are mean. Some people don’t manage their Twitter account properly and don’t understand how important building followers can be. That’s their loss!

Remember you need to keep your numbers balanced so you are going to have to unfollow some people. The best way to determine who to unfollow is to use a twitter evaluation platform. There are a few available but I find Crowdfire works best for me.

Crowdfire has a free option that I use twice a week. You’ll need to sign up and then download the app on your phone or tablet or you can visit the website and log on. You will be able to unfollow or follow up to 200 people a day using the free account.

Once you have set up your account look on the menu. The two options we are really interested in for now are Non Followers and Recent Unfollowers.

Once you’ve been adding followers to your Twitter account for a few days go to the Recent Unfollowers tab. These are people who followed you once but are not following you anymore. You’ll see a red stop sign image next to the people who have unfollowed you. Click on this and you’ll be able to remove them from your list.

Then go to the Non Followers list on the menu. These are people who you follow but who have never followed you back. You’ll need to keep this list in check so that you can continue to grow your following with people who want to support you.

Crowdfire will display your non-followers in date order of the oldest to the newest. It’s important to give people time to follow you back. Some experts say 30 days, however, I believe if someone is interested in building their Twitter followers, as you are, then they should respond with a few days. I like to give people a week but I know some people who only wait 24 hours. Again, it’s up to you and what you feel comfortable doing.

I don’t use Crowdfire to follow people because it will eat into my 200 daily limit.

Once you have gotten into the routine of following and unfollowing people it will become second nature. Like I mentioned earlier, it should only take you 5 to 10 minutes a day. If Twitter is an important social media platform for you as an author, Crowdfire is a great way to manage your account.

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