Why eBook Editions Are Vital for Every Indie Author

Goldie Alexander

Guest Posting by Goldie Alexander.
Goldie Alexander writes  for adults and children of all ages. Her work includes 85 novels and non fictions, plus prizewinning short stories, plays, and articles. She writes historical fiction, fantasy, crime, science fiction and collections of short stories.

eBook Readers

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I enjoy picturing po-faced commuters reading the latest crime or romance in their mobiles, tablets and Kindles as they head to their dreary jobs in banks and IT companies.  When I was a kid we read comics. Perhaps this is the contemporary adult equivalent.

The major advantage about eBooks is that they are so easily downloaded; there are no forests being cut down, no problem with storage, no hanging around waiting for that copy in the library, and no roaming the streets trying to find a book shop that might still be in business.

Yet there’s never been a time when it’s harder to get big publishers to take on unknown authors. Most seem to be waiting for the next JK Rowling. So how does this affect the unknown writer who can’t find a company to take his book? The answer seems to be to publish digitally. But unless this occurs under the auspices of a big company, it carries the unfortunate label of ‘vanity published.’ Vanity publishing has a bad name because sometimes money has been saved on editing, design and interesting covers. It is assumed that if a book hasn’t been picked up by a well-known publisher that it can’t be any good. Rest assured that big time publishers don’t always know what they are doing. One reader for a distinguished firm told me that she had never ever recommended anything in case she made a mistake.

From a strictly personal perspective, eBooks are wonderful. After a recent accident, I think I would have gone insane had it not been for my Kindle. I downloaded wonderful, and some not so wonderful novels, at a third of the price I would have paid for hard covers. Considering that I read at least two hundred samples and at least half of these as whole books while stuck in hospital, how else could I have managed to tackle a whole library? I could never have afforded it. Nor would anyone have been prepared to bring me that many books.

However Amazon, Kobo and Apple only list about twenty top sellers amongst the thousands of available books. To compensate, if a particular book or author is typed in – and you have to know who you are looking for – that book or author will come up, even if all the books that author has written are not there. My latest is both available in print and on Amazon and/or Kobo, but it certainly isn’t everything I have written because many of my books were published before this digital revolution.

The problem as I see it is that unless a book is displayed on these top lists, no one will ever know anything about it. I once thought good writing deserved to be recommended, or a popular topic would win readers, but this isn’t always the case. And as far as I can see, these lists are quite random.  I think the crux of eBook publishing is: How do we get our books onto that ‘A list’? Social media seems to be the answer. Your name has to be known. You have to become a ‘brand’. So if you want to sell your eBooks, it’s a good idea to blog, twitter, Facebook using all social media as often as you can stand. At least several times a week.

5 thoughts on “Why eBook Editions Are Vital for Every Indie Author

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Goldie. We moved to the country last year and I have found gifting eBooks is a great way to keep in touch with my friends I left behind and also celebrating wonderful indie authors.

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  2. An excellent article Goldie, thank you, and you’re spot on with regards to promotion and marketing.

    If you are an Indie writer, i.e. self published, the positive is that you have total control of your work and receive 100% of the proceeds after distribution costs, which are very low for digital books.

    The advantage of going through a recognised publisher is you will get an advance, name recognition from the publisher, but not a lot else. They don’t really put much effort into marketing your book unless you are a big name, and even if you are, you have to get out there and promote it, although some of your expenses might be covered.

    So the message is, whether you are self published or not, you have to be proactive in the marketing of your works. You have put in all the effort to create the work, so spend a little more time on thinking how you will promote it.

    As for the argument on the quality of the product in self publishing, it has never been easier and cheaper to get professional editing and design, and there are distributors who will get your physical books into stores or your digital book onto one of the platforms, but it is still up to you to promote it.

    As long as the book is professionally presented, buyers are far more interested in the content than who published it. There have also been many examples where a successful self published book has been taken on by a well known publisher, with the author receiving a very good deal, because, basically they have proven they don’t really need the publisher, and the publisher knows that they are bringing an audience with them for their next book.

    So the secret of success in writing is you have to a better marketer of your works than you are an author!

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