I was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Chinese by race, I was educated in the British system and spoke predominantly English at home with a colourful mix of Cantonese colloquialism. I had a wonderful childhood and showed early signs of being a passionate reader with hours poured into books and learning the art of skipping chores and meals, just to finish that extra chapter! My earliest literary influence was Enid Blyton, the one author that could completely immerse me into a wondrous world of books. My current bookshelves are filled with Enid Blyton classics, in hope that one day; my daughter would enjoy them as much as I did.

My tastes in books as I became a young adult turned to Fantasy and this genre would keep me occupied and enthralled for the next two decades. David Eddings became my first love and the start of a deep addiction that at times led to tears when the series would end!

Marriage and parenthood followed which unfortunately ended in a sad divorce but start of yet another literary journey. I turned to Paulo Coelho’s spiritual words to get through this difficult phase in my life and in many ways allowed the slow minutes become beautiful days. This turning of events however, also ignited the need to write and hence the commencement of a very new chapter in my life.

During the divorce process, I was most concerned about my daughter and wanted to shelter her from the unavoidable difficulties. At the time, she was too young to really understand the ramifications of divorce but old enough to know something was amiss. I was then inspired to create Pigeonhole Books, which is a gentle resource to deal with life’s challenges. These picture books are designed for young children who come from divorce, same-sex, blended and multicultural families.

Blended, divorced, multicultural and same-sex families should not be considered to be out of the norm and are now much more ingrained into contemporary society. We are culturally more sensitive to such situations and have the courtesy to no longer assume that everyone co-exists in a traditional household.

Pigeonhole Books was born out of a need to inform children about such lifestyles, through a beautiful, fun and loving manner. The books are aimed at subconsciously introducing the many different family units that exists today and how simply beautiful they are. Its objective is to tear down stereotypes and to hopefully eliminate children from non-traditional families to be unfairly classified into myopic silos.

The books promise to be light hearted, loving and enjoyable. It looks at life through rainbow glasses and wants nothing more than all children to have a fulfilling childhood. May these books bring you warmth and happiness!

Award-winning book, A Brand New Day is available in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats. It may be found in most major online bookstores. Click here to view some of the online stores.

Wishful Wedding is also available in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats. It may be found in most major online bookstores. Click here to view some of the online stores.

For more about the author and her other, visit A.S. Chung’s website.


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