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THE BOOKS A Brand New Day by A.S. Chung

A.S. Chung creates children’s picture books for blended, divorced, multicultural and same-sex families. It is a gentle resource that aims to deal with life’s challenges through beautiful illustrations and loving words.

A Brand New Day – A Banana Split Story is an Award Winning book about divorce is now available in eBook, paperback and hard cover formats. It may be found in most major online bookstores. Click here to view some of the online stores.

Wishful Wedding by A.S. ChungWishful Wedding – A Pocketful of Pride is now available! Our first LGBTQ children’s picture book about same gender families and marriage equality. Click here to view some of the online stores.

Pigeonhole Books also features a blog about all things children’s books/reading/writing, children’s authors, illustrators and wonderful bloggers who blog about parenting in diverse family units. It also delves into the big bad world of self-publishing, posts reviews and author/writer Q&A’s.