A Brand New Day Review: by Lisa Berson

Lisa Berson is a freelance writer and blogger based in Western Australia, Australia.

Lisa use to blog about her midwifery perspective on birth, life and motherhood on her MummyManifesto blog but has since consolidated her writing to her current blog, lisaberson.com. Her loyal and passionate readers visit her website for a place to mull over her thoughts about motherhood, women’s lifestyle, travel, career or corporate topics. She has reviewed A Brand New Day and writes about difficulties of divorce for a young child.

“An e-book by A.S. Chung “A Brand New Day” is a sweet tale about a little girl who shares the fun activities and daily events when she visits her separated parents during the week, weekends and on holiday time.

The message throughout the book is one of positivity. Each parent takes turns parenting the little girl during various outings or tasks around the house. There is no direct reference to divorce or separation nor is either parent the “the bad guy” which is sometimes the case with divorce situations. The book focuses on the parent-child relationships and how both parents can be successful maintaining separate homes & connections within the family unit.

The book’s gorgeous illustrations by Paula Bossio, are set in only 2-3 colours and I thought that the author & illustrator were a perfect match as they both brought the character to life for me as a reader.

I enjoyed “A Brand New Day” and loved the whole concept of a positive and gentle outlook on divorce for kids.”


A Brand New Day: Review by David Dickerman

David Dickerman, author of Mom, Dad, and Everyone Else, has reviewed A Brand New Day. Like Pigeonhole Books, David writes children’s picture books about divorce with a positive spin. It is wonderful to be connected with likeminded authors with the goal of helping young children through this life challenge.

“I am so happy I had the opportunity to read this book! First and foremost, the art is beautiful. I really liked the character design and varied expressions of the characters enjoying themselves. It really does a lot to bring the characters to life with only limited color choices.

The book itself is very enjoyable. One thing that stood out to me is the seamless nature of the rhyming. It really works organically throughout the story. Most importantly though, I like how the book doesn’t directly address the divorce. It shows the reader that a child can still have a full life and positive relationship with parents even though they live apart. The reader must draw this conclusion, which makes it very powerful. Great read and important message!”

A Brand New Day: Review by Book Explosions

A Brand New Day is reviewed by Crystal Crichlow, founder of Book Explosions. Their goal is to share their love of books to anyone hoping to find their next fix. One would be able to find reviews on the latest books, author interviews, cover reveals what’s hot in the ever-growing book market.  We are delighted Crystal enjoyed the book and rated both the book and illustration 5 stars!

“A Brand New Day is a very sweet children’s book for kids who are going through a divorce. It puts a positive light on having to live between two households and shows that no matter what there is always someone there who loves them. The pictures are absolutely adorable, and I would definitely recommend this book for parents to read to their kids and help them understand that divorce doesn’t have to be a bad thing.”

A Brand New Day: Review by Kara Evelyn-McNeil

Kara Evelyn-McNeil, author of Fail Thee Well Little Bear has generously reviewed A Brand New Day. Fail Thee Well Little Bear is the second in a series of social education children’s books that helps to parents to start conversations with their children on the subject and practice of gratitude. Thank you Kara for such a well written review!

“A Brand New Day by A.S. Chung is a beautifully simple, light and fun story which illustrates the proverbial ‘cherry on top’ of being a part of a family split up by divorce or separation — or in other words: A Banana Split Story that I thoroughly enjoyed!

Our hero skips, hops, laughs, plays and smiles through the days of the week spent at either her mother’s house or her father’s house. With her mother she gets to help in the garden, and play with her step brother, while at her father’s house she spends her time helping dad to cook, and engages in imaginative activities like painting and reading picture books!

The illustrations are lovely, and clever. The absence of colour beyond pale pink accents throughout the pictures is thought provoking, subtly representing the main character’s rosey disposition and positive outlook on life. What I liked best about the character is how she never presents herself as a victim and never seems to demonstrate self-pity the way some might assume the reaction of a child “suffering” the throes of divorce or separation to look like. Our hero does not succumb to such drama. She doesn’t see herself as going through something rotten and terrible. Instead, she makes the best out of family life as it is. She is happy and grateful to have both parents present, even though they aren’t together.”

A Brand New Day: Review by A.J. Cosmo

A.J. Cosmo of Thought Bubble Publishing has reviewed A Brand New Day. He has written 10 children’s picture books such as The Monster That Ate Our Keys and The Dream Thief. A. J. Cosmo’s stories are crafted to help parents teach their children simple everyday lessons in an easy to understand manner. By artfully marrying beautiful illustrations and language, children are challenged to explore his magical worlds. Thank you so much for your generous review!

“This book deals with the bright side of divorce, following the fun times that a little girl has between her separated parents. I enjoy the tone of the book, as it doesn’t fall into a depression trap. However, it’s the well stylized illustrations and the single color pallette that make the book stand out for me. Each page has intricate and whimsical depictions that impressed an artist such as myself. Highly recommended!”

A Brand New Day: Review by Larisa Villar Hauser

Larisa Villar Hauser is the creator of an independent publishing company called ImpPrint Books. She is a children’s picture book author and has just released her much anticipated fantasy adventure book, Uma & Imp. Larisa also blogs about her indie publishing journey over the years and makes for an excellent resource for those going down the same path. Thank you Larisa for your kind words!

“Such a joyful book! A little girl’s hugely upbeat and positive take on living in two homes after mum and dad’s separation. Beautifully illustrated in simple, just gorgeous, drawings. Without saying it outright, this book shows how, from the child’s point of view, love and attention given from both parents can heal any rifts caused in a kid’s post-divorce/separation life – and how they can give the child the security and reassurance needed. A great book for both kids and parents.”

A Brand New Day: Review by Kirstin Lenane

Author and illustrator Kirstin Lenane has review A Brand New Day.  Kirstin has a BA in English from Vassar College and an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University where she is also an academic and personal counselor. She has 2 illustrated stories, Cookies, a Tale of Friendship and The Scare, A Halloween Story. Thank you Kirstin for your lovely review of the book!

“This is a very sweet story about all the good things that can happen when days are split up between Mum’s house and Dad’s house. Dad likes to cook, Mum likes to garden. The young narrator in this story gets to do both! Follow her through the seasons as she enjoys times with both of her parents, even though they are apart. This is a joyful story, filled with lovely, whimsical illustrations. It’s a story that will help children to see that good things can happen even when your parents are no longer together.”

A Brand New Day: Review & Giveaway by DadsDivorce.com

DadsDivorce.com was founded by Joseph E. Cordell, of Cordell & Cordell, for the purpose of informing fathers about their rights during divorce litigation, while providing them with concrete, practical resources to achieve the best results in the courtroom. It is tailored for the needs of fathers as they know that the divorce process can be hard, especially for men.

Dads.Divorce.com has kindly reviewed A Brand New Day and is also giving away a copy of our book!

“When sharing custody of your son or daughter, it can be challenging for the child to maintain a sense of family while shuffling back and forth between parents during the week.

In “A Brand New Day – A Banana Split Story,” children’s author A.S. Chung shows that it’s possible to maintain a loving relationship with both parents even though they are divorced. With illustrations from Paula Bossio, Chung follows a young girl whose parents are divorced throughout a typical week. On one page, she’s gleefully planting flowers with her mother. On the next, she’s joyfully camping with her father.

The book is perfect for a young child trying to comprehend how they will hold a happy relationship with both parents even though they are split. It explains that the child’s relationship with his/her parents doesn’t have to be of the either/or variety.”

NOTE: DadsDivorce will hold a book giveaway for one copy of Chung’s “A Brand New Day ­­– A Banana Split Story.” To enter in the giveaway, either like, share or re-Tweet this post (NOT at Pigeonhole Books) on social media or email info@dadsdivorce.com by Friday, Nov. 21, at 12 p.m. Central Standard Time. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced the following day.

A Brand New Day: Review by Mariana Llanos

Children’s book author, mother, blogger, wife and teacher, Mariana Llanos has kindly reviewed A Brand New Day. Mariana, who still believes in Peter Pan, is the author of the Tristan Wolf Series, The Wanting Monster and the Staircase on Pine Street. Thank you Mariana for your lovely insight into our book and highly recommending it!

“A great story for any child, but especially for kids who get to have two homes due to their parents’ divorce. Told in first person (which makes it more relatable) this is a little girl who spends her weekdays and holidays between her mom and dad’s new homes. Cheerful and charming, this little book is a must in the library of any family who is going through a separation. The illustrations are insanely adorable and make this book even more enjoyable. I highly recommend it!”

A Brand New Day: Review by Magdalena Zuljevic

Illustrator Magdalena Zuljevic was born and raised in Croatia. She studied at The Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, earning a BFA in Art education. She has collaborated with authors Suzana Tulac and Emer Martin to create Why is the Moon Following Me?. For all parents wishing to educate their children about early astronomy, get this beautifully illustrated collection of short poems!

Magi has kindly reviewed A Brand New Day.

“The book’s written and illustrated in such a cheerful way, it takes out all the ugliness of divorce and puts a positive spin on it, turning it into an sweet, innocent children’s book. Very lovely.”