How To Stream Games On Facebook

Facebook’s dedicated game streaming hub was launched last summer, as the platform continues lớn make a flurry of upgrades, targeting the lucrative sầu live sầu audience from some of its major competitors.

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Although it’s certainly not quite the finished product yet, having received its fair nói qua of critics doubting the functionality compared to lớn e-sports ‘goliath’ Twitch, or even failing khổng lồ match the Clip capabilities of YouTube gaming.

It is however taking a promising step in the right direction, & could be seen by many gamers as unoccupied ground..

There are currently 1.59 billion daily active users on Facebook, with the watch time for ‘Live broadcasts’ quadrupling in a single year.

The platform is no doubt huge, & it has the scope khổng lồ stichồng you right in front of that worldwide coverage.

If you’re fed up with some of the stagnated platforms you’re already on, or just happen to lớn be starting out, then we hope you find this info-guide useful on: ‘How to stream games khổng lồ Facebook Live’!

How to stream games lớn Facebook?

Step 1 – Make a page

If you don’t have sầu your own Facebook gaming page setup already, you will need lớn make one first.

How do I create aFacebook game page?Enter your page name and category which should be ‘Gaming Clip creator’.Press continue.Upload your protệp tin picture.Upload your cover photo lớn.

Step 2 – Connect your page with either Streamlabs/ OBS/ Xplit

You will need to lớn know how to use a live sầu streaming tiện ích such as ‘Streamlabs’ or Open Broadcaster Software ‘OBS’ to take advantage of this feature. For this example we will choose Streamlabs.

How do I stream lớn StreamlabsOBS with Facebook?Go khổng lồ Settings > đầu ra, to match the software/ hardware encoder used by your PC.Configure your bitrate, this is determined by your upload tốc độ.Make sure the key frame interview is at the mặc định ‘2’.Change your Video Resolution to lớn 720p (1280 x 720) at 30 frames per second.

If you’re still not sure you can look at Facebooks guide that has a detailed video

Step 3 – Create ascene with your chosen streaming platform

A scene will determine what your viewers can see when watching your live stream. This could be self-cropped image from your webcam displayed on top of your gaming background.

How vì I create ascene?Add your gameplay source khổng lồ broadcast your footage. To do this click on add new source (+ sign), & then then choose either trò chơi Capture, Window Capture, or Display Capture, depending on your game > Name the source. Choose your Mode > Capture specific window. Also the correct window (the games .exe pháo window). You can then adjust the window lớn fit nicely on your canvas.Add your webcam source by adding a đoạn Clip capture device. You can then rekích cỡ it, và position it correctly on your display.

If you’re still not sure you can look at Facebooks guide that has a detailed video

Step 4 – How do I live stream games lớn Facebook?

Choose where you want your stream lớn nói qua khổng lồ (on your gaming page not profile page).Enter a good mô tả tìm kiếm as this is the main thing people will see on your steam (not the title).Create a clickable title (optional).Tag a đoạn Clip game (you have lớn choose at least one).Copy & paste in the ‘Server URL’ into lớn your streaming software (only needed if you’ve sầu chose ‘custom service’ in Streamlabs ‘stream’ settings).Copy và paste the ‘Stream Key’ inlớn your streaming software và press ‘start streaming’.The Facebook ‘create’ page will now populate with your OBS stream & show you a pĐánh Giá of your live stream window. Go live.

Tips: Before you cliông chồng on ‘Go live’ It helps lớn have sầu the ‘Streamer Dashboard’ page opened up on a second monitor. (See below).

What is the Facebook ‘Streamer dashboard’?

To access your own personal ‘Streamer Dashboard’ head to: ‘’

The ‘Streamer dashboard’ has loads of great features thatcan help you monitor và control your live sầu stream.

Some of these features include:Latest Stream – This contains a pReview of your stream so you can kiểm tra that everything is functioning as you lượt thích. It also has other bits of useful information letting you know if you’re live sầu, such as the start time, title, & the permalinks lớn nói qua.Lachạy thử Comments – Used for interacting with your viewers.Chaining – Recommending viewers khổng lồ your stream or other streams.Alerts – This lets you know when people have shared your stream, and if they’ve sầu given you ‘Stars’.Streamer stats – Here you can see things such as the total number of viewers, reactions, comments, stars và shares.Polls – This lets you run polls by asking questions for your audience to lớn answer.Leader boards – This lets you see who has given you the most stars. Etc.

Where should I placethe Server URL và Stream Key?

mở cửa ‘Streamlabs OBS’Click on Settings From the Settings menu click on ‘Stream’Change service lớn ‘Facebook Live’ (if you vị this you won’t need lớn paste in the ‘Server URL’).Paste key in ‘Stream key’
xuất hiện Streamlabs > Settings > Stream

How do you get paid for streaming on Facebook?

Two ways you can monetize your gaming page on Facebook is through the means of ‘Facebook Stars’, and ‘Ad breaks’. ‘Facebook Stars’ allow viewers lớn tư vấn their favourite content creators by sending stars as donations. Whereas ‘Ad breaks’ can be inserted inkhổng lồ streams for those that have over 10,000 page followers, và 300 live sầu viewers.

However, before you can receive sầu stars you must apply for the màn chơi up program..

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What is the Facebook levelup program?

You can join the ‘Facebook level up program’ lớn unloông chồng extra features, và monetize your gaming stream. (It’s only available to lớn gaming đoạn phim creators in certain regions).

Some of the features include:Support on FacebookHigh chất lượng transcoding (access lớn 1080p, 60 fps)Unlock ‘Facebook Stars’ so your fans can donate to you.Access lớn Beta productsInvite khổng lồ the community groupTo be able khổng lồ apply you must have: Streamed for 4 hours in the last 14 days (over 2 days). Have sầu at least 100 followers on a page that has been active for at least 30 days. Meet the community standards mix by Facebook.

If you meet this criteria then you’re able lớn apply by heading over lớn the streamer dashboard.

How much vì chưng Facebookstreamers make from stars?

‘Facebook Stars’ are a way viewers can donate to support their favourite creators. Facebook pays the creator $0.01 USD, per Star. You can either buy:


95 Stars – $1.99250 Stars – $4.99530 Stars – $9.991200 Stars – $19.993000 Stars – $49.996400 Stars – $99.99

These can only be donated to you once you have sầu been accepted onlớn the Level up program.

What are ‘Ad breaks’?

‘Ad breaks‘ are short ads that you can include in your videos to earn money. They can be placed naturally in your content, or you can choose when to lớn place them yourself.

Ad breaks can only be included in videos longer than 3 minutes. They last for 15 seconds before the viewer has the option to skip them. If you have chosen automatic ads, the first ad will be at the four minute mark, & then the next one will be every 5 minutes after that.

You must have sầu over 10,000 followers on your page to qualifyfor ads.

How bởi I get my Facebooklive sầu stream khổng lồ 1080p?

Facebook game streaming supports 720p (1280 x 720) resolution at 30 frames per second. Streamers eligible for the level up program will have sầu access lớn high quality transcoding (e.g. 1080p, 60 fps).

What is the Facebook gaming partner program?

The Facebook gaming ‘partner program’ is for those who are committed to streaming on Facebook, have found success, và are ready to lớn move a step beyond ‘cấp độ up’. Those who sign on will get access to special đơn hàng such as; being paid to use the công nghệ, first to thử nghiệm out new features, và invited lớn events to lớn help promote their brvà.

How do I become a Facebook gaming partner?

In order to lớn join this program you will have lớn be discovered by Facebook. Facebook are always actively evaluating those that would be a good fit lớn become a managed partner.

There’scurrently a huge opportunity to lớn be selected as a Facebook gaming partner asthe amount of creators on Facebook is still relatively small, just as it was onTwitch a few years ago.

In order to get discovered on Facebook, you will have sầu to lớn demonstrate that you can consistently do a great job when you stream games on the platsize.

This involves: Streaming frequently, Having a large viewer count,Building a large following,Getting lots of likes,Being awarded lots of stars, Creating a prosperous community on your page.

If you’re committed to gaming on Facebook Live, và manage to lớn find some success on the platsize, then your chance of becoming a partner is definitely within reach.

The King Slayer is a great example of a Facebook streamer who built up his audience up from zero và was able to lớn attain partnership in just three months. He currently sits on a respectful 205K followers!

What is a FacebookGaming ‘Studio’ Partner?

‘Studio Partners‘ are responsible for hosting world class gaming events such as e-sports tournaments và competitions. This role is different to lớn being a ‘managed gaming partner’ as it is for those that have an expertise in event management.

How much vì chưng Facebookstreamers make?

How much Facebook streamers make will depover upon; the amount of live sầu viewers that watch their ads, plus the total accumulation of Facebook stars donated khổng lồ them over the course of their stream. Each 15 second ad can earn approximately $0.10 per view, so someone who averages 1000 viewers per hour with a total of 3 ads could biến hóa to $300 or more. Donations can be anything upwards of $100 for a viewer count of this kích thước.

Streaming to other Devices

How vì chưng I stream frommy PS4 to Facebook live?

To do this you will need a ‘Capture card’. This allows you to lớn capture the live gameplay from your PS4, so that it is displayed in OBS. You are then able to lớn configure OBS khổng lồ connect with Facebook’s Live API using the stream key.

If you have a capture card:

Connect your PS4 console > Capture thẻ > PC, using HDXiaoMI cables.xuất hiện Streamlabs OBS. Go to Add Source > Video Capture Device > Add New Source > in Device, choose your game capture card, clichồng done. A window of your PS4 screen should now be mirrored, & displaying on OBS in the ‘Live Scene’, which you can make full form size.Go lớn OBS Settings > Stream > Service, choose Facebook live sầu, & enter your Facebook Stream key.Clichồng ‘Go live’ on OBS. The display should now be showing on your Facebook Live API.Cliông xã ‘Go live sầu on Facebook’.Can I stream from my PS4 khổng lồ Facebook live sầu without a capture card?

Yes, however these options may cause some problems with lag. One way you can vị this is by using the ‘PS4 Remote Play‘ app. Click here to find out more.

Another option is by broadcasting your stream live sầu on YouTube and then sharing your screen window to lớn Facebook live sầu. Click here.

How bởi I stream from my Xbox to lớn Facebook live?

To do this you will need a ‘Capture card’. This allows you to lớn capture the live gameplay from your Xbox One, so that it is displayed in OBS. You are then able to configure OBS to lớn connect with Facebook’s Live sầu API using the stream key.

If you have sầu a capture card:

Connect your Xbox One console > Capture card > PC, using HDXiaoMI cables.mở cửa your ‘trò chơi Capture Software’ (eg. elgato) khổng lồ make sure your Xbox One screen is hooked up và showing on your PC. If it is, then cthất bại it.xuất hiện Streamlabs OBS. Go to lớn Add Source > Video Capture Device > Add New Source > in Device, choose your game capture thẻ, cliông xã done. A window of your Xbox screen should now be mirrored, & displaying on OBS in the ‘Live Scene’, which you can make full size.Go to lớn OBS Settings > Stream > Service, choose Facebook live sầu, và enter your Facebook Stream key.Clichồng ‘Go live’ on OBS. The display should now be showing on your Facebook Live sầu API.Cliông xã ‘Go live sầu on Facebook’.

For a detailed video, cliông chồng here

How khổng lồ stream mobile games lớn Facebook

To bởi vì this you will first need lớn download an phầm mềm from the Google play store such as ‘Omlet arcade’ or ‘Streamlabs OBS’. For this example we have sầu chosen ‘Omlet arcade’:

How to lớn stream di động games on Facebook with ‘Omlet Arcade’?Download the appCreate an accountSetting > Allow screen recordings & notificationsConnect the tiện ích with your Facebook account by logging in.Allow permissions Launch the game you wish lớn streamMinimize the game & exp& out the tiện ích control centrePress the screen record button > record Omlet ArcadeStart broadcast.

Chechồng out this video for more info on how lớn do this

Please comment if you found this helpful or have anything else to lớn add. If you need more guidence of ‘How to lớn be a Streamer‘ then check out our page here.