Phim Quái Vật Sương Mù

Trapped by a mysterious fog, residents of a Maine village discover that it hides nightmarish creatures. A new series based on Stephen King's novella.

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The Copeland family is separated when a strange mist that harbors deadly creatures enshrouds their small town, cutting it off from the outside world.


Trapped in the local mall, Eve sầu and Alex realize that Jay is there too. Kevin releases prisoners Bryan and Mia from jail & ventures into the mist.


Mall manager Gus discovers military personnel among muốn the group, including two soldiers who inexplicably commit suicide. Nathalie has a grlặng revelation.

Kevin's group crosses paths with a man whose vehicle still runs. Nathalie & Romanov spar over faith. The mall endures another grisly death.

After rushing Bryan to lớn the hospital, Kevin finds his brother Mike in intensive sầu care. Mia makes a startling discovery. Adrian sees a familiar face.

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Romanov's faction at the church turns to violence. Kevin stumbles on a shocking secret at the hospital. Eve sầu manufactures some hope at the mall.

Trapped in the psych ward, Bryan faces the truth, Mia makes a drastic choice, and Adrian is taken captive. Romanov proposes radical action.

Nathalie & Connor plan their exit. Kevin's group escapes the hospital. Adrian makes a confession. A grieving mother sparks a crisis at the mall.

Making his way through town on foot, an injured Kevin is exposed lớn the mist. Connor and Nathalie navigate the sewers. Alex is accused of murder.

Paths converge at the mall, where Connor offers up both a sacrifice và a revelation. Kevin makes a choice that forces many khổng lồ meet their fate.

Morgan SpectorAlyssa SutherlandGus BirneyDanica CurcicOkezie MorroLuke CosgroveDarren PettieRussell PosnerFrances ConroyDan ButlerIsiah Whitlock Jr.