Watch Something In The Rain

I am ADDICTED khổng lồ this show – it brings a smile to lớn my face & I actually find myself thinking about it even after the episode ends.

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First off, I lượt thích it that the couple is natural and relatable. Their chemistry is on fire và their physical interactions are exactly how you would expect a normal couple khổng lồ be. Sometimes i think Korean dramas try to lớn ‘normalise’ their shows và show that koreans are exactly the same as everyone else, but over up over doing and spoiling the momentum. I’m not a person for bed scenes lớn prove that the leads love each other và here, even though we know that the couple is having a healthy dose of sex, the portrayal is classy and yet electrifying. For example, the first time they slept together, the focus was on the TV (LOVE that Singing in the Rain was chosen lượt thích whaaat) & you only see them taking off clothes (Joon Hee to lớn be exact) & fidgeting under the blankets. The next time, it’s them with their clothes on but taking turns to be on top, smiling lovingly và then kissing the partner. We know what’s going to lớn come, but it’s these moments that matter more to lớn me – those quiet moments where you don’t say anything but simply look at your other half, which is why some dramas thảm bại me when they start having bed scenes. In a sense, I think this drama has no less kissing scenes than any other American dramas I’ve watched, & yet this is more intimate và at the same time, conservative, & I admire this balance. American dramas are mostly passionate making-out (sorry if this is a generalisation!), but here, we are seeing really small kisses most of the time. I read comments noting that the actors must have had a serious relationship before to act this out, and I agree – they seem khổng lồ bring some part of themselves into the show, which is why I think we all feel so attracted khổng lồ this couple. Watching them reminds us of something, whether in the past or now.

The funniest thing is I watched the show thinking HEY I WANNA BE A NOONA TOO and googled Jung Hae In only to find out that he’s actually 30 in reality. Talk about baby face!!

I also love how passionately Joon Hee is throwing himself into this relationship and how the plot just culminates in him saying that he loves Jin Ah first. It wasn’t coming from a place of feeling possessive or being triggered; it was him seeing how much Jin Ah is struggling & those words truly came from his heart. Can I just admit that as I see how his eyes well up as he says those words, it oddly brings a tear (or two) to lớn my eyes too? I’m going to also admit that I kinda wish the fiasco with the ex really culminates into something because omg, I’m really enjoying those quiet rages of Joon Hee. I usually abhor violence and I hate it in reality when people throw things or kick things out of anger, but somehow Jung Hae In just carries it off SO well. The way he doesn’t say anything & yet you can see just how the anger builds và boils silently inside him appeals lớn me – which is why I actually enjoyed the scene in the coffe where he was sweeping up the broken glass, the scene in the house where he wrecked the computer & finally, in the police station where he just hecks the world & hugs Jin Ah.

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I also love how this show is different from all other noona-doongsaeng shows in that Jin Ah has absolutely no problem mixing in with his friends, although I would say kudos to lớn his friends for being open as well! See how well the girls set in the end? I think it’s because being with Joon Hee really makes Jin Ah comfortable và expresses her cool personality, something which Joon Hee already sees. And you know what, when Joon Hee says his friends’ girlfriends can’t even match up with Jin Ah, it is true – the elegance and maturity just puts her on another level.

I’m just a bit afraid of what the title Something In The Rain entails – is it going to be fleeting? I have this fear that the couple will separate & it’s because this relationship makes them a better person but they are not meant khổng lồ be together (something lượt thích 500 days of Summer). It’s a tragic concept which I’m not against per se, but I hope it doesn’t happen here because the only thing that’s stopping them really isn’t the age but family & I’d think that it’s pretty uninspiring if they broke up just because of that. On being inspiring, I like the portrayal of gender issues in workplace & I really hope they develop it well.

This show doesn’t have a villain but I see it in the mum every time she talks. The script really feels so natural! We don’t need superpower mums who throw money at female leads to keep them away from their sons; I didn’t know until this show that a naggy mum who simply focuses on background and pities Joon Hee and his sister behind closed doors could be just as infuriating. I know she also comes from a place of love, but I truly wish that by the kết thúc of the drama, she will be changed as well – her words are really oppressing the entire family in different ways and it’s no wonder that every time she speaks, I feel so grumpy. I just want to lớn skip khổng lồ Joon Hee’s smiley face.