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The book was reviewed by senior editor John L. Hoh who has written over a dozen books and numerous articles for newspapers and magazine. He gave A Brand New Day 4.5 stars and we thank him for taking the time to write such an honest review. This is what he had to say:

“This book is published by a rather new Australian author and publishing firm. The author was going through a divorce and wanted some comfort and security for her children. Finding no books on the market that speak positively to kids, she wrote her own.

The narrator in the story relates the days of the week as she (?) bounces between mom and dad. The narrator relates the activities enjoyed with each parent. In the narrative, it should be mentioned, the parents are both active with the child. The book pretty much follows a shared placement arrangement. In fact it echoes my own arrangement with my son and his mother with the exception we alternate weekends rather than divide up the days in the weekend. But the narrator, like my son Matthew, spends Mondays and Tuesdays with dad and Wednesdays and Thursdays with mom.

I found this book very refreshing and helpful. The illustrations are of the classic style, line art in black/gray with red highlights.

Pigeonhole Books publishes primarily books for children of separated or divorced parents. I cannot wait to see what titles come out next.”

Where to Purchase A Brand New Day

Slowly but surely, A Brand New Day is being released into the marketplace in hard cover, paperback and eBook format. Eventhough we have been gearing up for this to obviously eventuate, its quite another thing to finally actually see it being available. This big bad world of self-publishing sure is a roller coaster of an adventure but one that I am very happy to be on and can’t ever wait for the next ride!

Here are some of the sites you would be able to obtain a copy from. We shall update this list constantly as the book surfaces across the different websites.


Alibris      Angus & Robertson      bokus.com     Books A Million     Book Depository

Fishpond     InfiBeam     Merritt Books     Rakuten     Tattered Cover


Alibris     Amazon     Barnes & Noble     bokus.com     Books A Million     Book Depository

Bookfari     Booktopia     Book Manager     Fishpond     InfiBeam

Old Firehouse Books     Peregrine Book Company     Powell’s Book     Tattered Cover


Amazon     Barnes & Noble     bokus.com     eBookmall     Feedbooks     Hugendubel     Kobo

A Brand New Day: Review by Alex Brown

Alex Brown, author of Cody Cotton’s Great Adventures has kindly reviewed A Brand New Day. Many thanks Alex for your honest and unbiased review. Pigeonhole Books wished you all the best in your writing endeavours!

“Very nice story for a child going through a divorce. I really like the positive messages in the book and highly recommend it.”