Top 25 Interesting Instagram Facts For Indie Authors

A.S. ChungPosted by A.S. Chung.
Award-wining author of children’s picture books A Brand New Day: about divorce and Wishful Wedding: about LGBT equality and same gender families. Creator of Pigeonhole Books and blogs about self-publishing, writing, online book marketing, peer bloggers and illustrators.


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“Let the people know the facts and the country will be safe” by particlem

I don’t use Instagram as a book marketing tool. But I love using this application personally. Therefore, I have decided to collate a list of interesting facts that will help me decide if I should adopt another platform (not that I don’t already have enough!). Yesterday, I explored Instagram for Self-Published Authors, as a general research piece to convince me it’s worth thinking about. However I felt that I needed more evidence to propel me further in making this commitment.

So here are some fascinating and interesting facts:

  1. Facebook owns Instagram
  2. There are over 300 million Instagram users in the world today
  3. There are more than 70 million photo and video shares each day
  4. Overall there have been 30 billion photos shared through the application
  5. 41% of Instagram users are aged between 16-24 years
  6. 20% of internet users have an Instagram account
  7. 95% of these users have a Facebook account whilst 83% of them have a Twitter account
  8. The breakdown of users over the continents is: 25% in North America, 33% in Latin America, 16% in Europe, 34% in the Middle East/Africa and 16% in Asia
  9. 61% of Instagramers like at least 1 posting a day
  10. 51% of users are male while, 49% are female
  11. 70% of Instagramers have already taken part in a contest or might do so
  12. Top 3 reasons why users follow brands on Instagram: 62% because they love the brand, 54% to discover new things, 48% because they find content interesting or funny
  13. On average, posts by top brands receive 216 comments, with 50% of comments being posted in the first 6 hours
  14. The average caption on Instagram is 138 characters long, including hashtags
  15. On average, posts that include another user handle in the caption receive 56% more engagement than those that don’t
  16. Adding a location results in 79% higher engagement
  17. 47% of adult users access Instagram from a smartphone. 53% use a tablet
  18. There are around 2.5 billion Instagram likes every day, or 8500 new likes each second. 1000 comments are left each second
  19. Around 25% of Fortune 500 companies use Instagram actively. They usually post on Thursdays
  20. The more hashtags you add, the more likes and comments you will get. Instagram allows up to 30
  21. Instagram users prefer desaturated photos. They get up to 600% more likes!
  22. Don’t leave too much blank space in your Instagram photos. Busier photos get more likes
  23. The number of Instagramers in the U.S. will reach approximately 106 million by 2018
  24. 26% of users earn an income of $50,000 – $74,999 whilst a further 26% earn over $75,000 per annum
  25. The average Instagram user spends 21 minutes per day using the app.

There are many more statistic I could have filtered however I felt this was sufficient to paint the picture. There must be at least a couple of facts above which caught your eye or perhaps peaked your interest in how you could use it sell your books and increase readership. Please feel free to share your Instagram experiences.

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Why Every Author Should Use Instagram For Book Marketing

A.S. ChungPosted by A.S. Chung.
Award-wining author of children’s picture books A Brand New Day: about divorce and Wishful Wedding: about LGBT equality and same gender families. Creator of Pigeonhole Books and blogs about self-publishing, writing, online book marketing, peer bloggers and illustrators.


Instagram Scrabble

Instagram Scrabble

Instagram is perhaps the most underutilised social media platform for authors. In this post I would like to explore this notion and perhaps give you food for thought about possibly incorporating Instagram as part of your social media marketing.

Instagram is blogging with pictures instead of words. You are telling a story through photos and short videos via a mobile platform.


  • It is FREE
  • It is a different way of communicating to readers and allows you to connect with a very different market
  • You can share your photos on Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr and Twitter, further expanding your social media repertoire
  • It is visually stimulating
  • It capitalises on our very short attention span. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words
  • It is fun to use and taps in on a different creative side
  • It is easy to use and the least technical of all social media platforms


  • Just like all social media platforms, you need to select a user name that is easy to find and one that your readers can identify with
  • Create an effective profile with an engaging profile picture and 150 characters to tell the world who you are. You may also enter your website address here
  • Hashtags play an important role in this platform. Unlike Twitter, over usage of hashtags tend to raise fewer eyebrows
  • Important to understand how one can do searches on Instagram so you can utilise it to its full potential and gear our images and captions in the right direction. You can search by top searches, people, tags and places. The search field also auto-fills which allow you to see what is trending so you can use those tags for your photos
  • There are numerous filters you can select from, all with editing capabilities. There have even been studies done on which are the most popular filters and what emotions they extract from viewers. They help set the mood of the image and aids in your storytelling process
  • There is a News tab which allows you to see the activities of the people you are following. Sometimes they give us great insight to other users who may be of use to you
  • They also have a @username function so that you can communicate with your followers and your followers can share your image
  • It allows you to post 15 second videos which are just long enough to convey your message but short enough for followers to not mind watching what you have to share. Great marketing tool!

It is easy to see why Instagram took the world by storm with approximately 300 million users and why Facebook bought it for $1 billion. Don’t underestimate what this social platform can do for you. I will be exploring how self-published authors can use Instagram for book marketing. Stay tuned for future instalments of Online Book Marketing Tips.

12 Reasons Every Author Should Consider Using Hootsuite

A.S. ChungPosted by A.S. Chung.
Award-wining author of children’s picture books A Brand New Day: about divorce and Wishful Wedding: about LGBT equality and same gender families. Creator of Pigeonhole Books and blogs about self-publishing, writing, online book marketing, peer bloggers and illustrators.


Wooden Owls

Wooden Owls Jodel Cuasay

As we become heavier and bigger users of our social media platforms as part of our book marketing strategy, we are also becoming busier and more consumed by them! As I flit between Facebook, Twitter, my blog and other platforms plus the need to try and engage throughout the day, I am sometimes left with very little time to do much else. And I thought I was here to write children’s books ….. right …. somehow that seems to have been pushed aside for the time being. I am too busy trying to sell the books I currently have in the marketplace.

Therefore, its time to take action and consider using Hootsuite to consolidate my extracurricular activities I perform online!

Hootsuite is a social media management tool.

It is a website where you can manage all your social media in one place without having to log into several platforms and go back and forth between them on your screen. It is a tool which allows you to amalgamate your platforms in one space. So for example, you can use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, WordPress and LinkedIn all at the same time.

Hootsuite does offer a FREE plan. This is however limited to 3 platforms but for most indie authors, this is probably enough. You can pay for upgrades should you think this is warranted.


This is by far the greatest advantage of Hootsuite. You can post one update that will automatically autofill across your social media platforms.

You are able to schedule your updates. This is particularly helpful if Your target market is in a different time zone. This way, you can appear on their news feed at peak times. This is also useful should you wish to update your status on a regular basis e.g. every 2 hours. So instead of logging on every 2 hours, you schedule it do so on your behalf.

If you upgrade to the pro plan, you can manage multiple profiles. Therefore if you have 5 Twitter profiles and 5 Facebook profiles, you can manage all of them from one dashboard.

Hootsuite provides comprehensive analytics across all platforms selected. This is a great way to see how you’re tracking all in one space.

Hootsuite Analysis

Hootsuite Analysis

There are some other social media platforms that are not offered in Hootsuite however you are able to download apps so that you are able to manage those as well and this includes the likes of Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube and many others. Currently, there are 141 additional apps one can get, of which 75 of them are free. So don’t fret if you don’t see your most important medium!

You can send out specific messages to targeted groups via your dashboard. This is a great tool as sometimes, some updates may not be so suited for all platforms.

Hootsuite enables you to look at your contacts via your different platforms. E.g. if you select Twitter, it brings up all your followers of which you can see information about them. I was particularly interested to see how many tweets they posted a day and how that correlated to their number of followers.

Hootsuite Twitter Feed

Hootsuite Twitter Feed

This tool is web-based so you don’t have to download software or programmes and you can login anywhere.

They have their own URL shorterner, so you don’t have to worry about getting preferences for that. All ready to go!

Hootlet is the little browser plugin that adds a button to your bookmark toolbar. This will enable you to share content from anywhere on the web which also means you don’t have to even go to the website.

You can customize your dashboard to suit your needs. This was you can get yourself organized and prioritise your platforms.


Hootsuite Home Page

Should you be fortunate enough to have someone that helps you with your book marketing promotions, you can add them as a team member so they have access to your dashboard and do some of the work for you.

There are several other social media management tools you can select from but this is by far the biggest player in the market. You can sign up for free and give it a go. This may suit your needs and reduce the amount of time you spend online.

4 Social Media Platforms Every Author Must Have

A.S. ChungPosted by A.S. Chung.
Award-wining author of children’s picture books A Brand New Day: about divorce and Wishful Wedding: about LGBT equality and same gender families. Creator of Pigeonhole Books and blogs about self-publishing, writing, online book marketing, peer bloggers and illustrators.


Picture1Did you know that there are over 200 social media platforms? 200!

It is impossible to be consistently active on even 10% of what is available. I am sure I don’t need to tell you that marketing your indie book without social media is online suicide. Whether you are savvy with the computer or not, it is a necessary evil. I am also sure most of you know which are the top players in the market and would presume that most indie authors are already participating in some of these platforms.

If however you are not and wish to start, or perhaps only use 1 or 2, I would like to highlight, what I believe to be the big 4 social media platform must haves for all indie authors. To make the offer even more enticing, they are all FREE.

I have come across many indie authors who don’t have a Facebook page. When asked for their Facebook link, more often than not, I get a link to their personal Facebook profile. I don’t want to be their friend for social purposes. I am not interested in what they ate for lunch. I want to connect with them as an esteemed colleague and to be informed about their book ventures.

Facebook is still by far, the most popular means for connecting people. Facebook pages are specifically designed for businesses, brands and authors to share their stories and connect with people. These pages may be customised to suit your needs and you get to control the content. People who like your page and their friends can get updates in news feed and more importantly, they can share news worthy posts and help you spread the word.

Welcome to the world of microblogging!  This is a platform where you only have 140 characters to convey your message. I am sure for most writers; this is a nightmare but nonetheless a brilliant exercise in using your words effectively. All good things come in small packages.

What is a tweet anyway? According to Twitter it is “an expression of a moment or idea. It can contain text, photos, and videos. Millions of Tweets are shared in real time, every day.” This is particularly prevalent in a society where our attention spans are dwindling. It is quite the art form to be able to express your message with so few words. Twitter enables you to be as candid or as business like as you wish and with full accessibility on our smart phones, you can tweet on the run!

LinkedIn is a social media website that specifically targets the professional business community. It is an excellent online networking platform. Through LinkedIn, you can chronologically list your books, list your qualifications and/or experience as an indie author and also send through professional updates pertaining to your writing.

No, you won’t get readers to buy your books but you will gain industry peers and business insights. You will also get some great ideas and strategies of how to market your book and learn any new trends in the world of self-publishing.

An entire website dedicated to book lovers! It is a site whereby you can connect socially with readers and authors, look at what everyone is reading, read their reviews and look at their book ratings. Goodreads also has a comprehensive author program dedicated to people like you and me.

They also have a very active group discussion format as well as giveaway options and the ability to include your books on Listopia.

This is a site where people are genuinely interested in books and the authors who wrote them. It is also a great way to meet other authors and writers who can help you with anything from writing conundrums to communication strategies. Well worth considering if you haven’t already joined.

I have no doubt there are many others to explore, which have worked well for many indie authors. If you are about to embark on your social media journey and find this overwhelming, you are not alone. At a minimum, get your Facebook page up and running and once you get the hang of it and can navigate through it comfortably, move onto the next platform. You will at some point have to learn to juggle them all but I promise that it gets easier and before you know it, it will become a natural extension of your work. Besides, it’s all about writing!