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long Ball Super's Vegeta Just Stole Goku’s Most Dishonorable Attack In dragon Ball Super chapter 76, Vegeta copies one of Goku"s most disgraceful tactics, showing how desperate he"s becoming to defeat Granolah alone.

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Warning: contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super chapter 76!

While Vegeta and Goku may be two of the greatest warriors in the multiverse by the time of Dragon Ball Super, that doesn"t mean they"re above using dishonorable tactics to win. Up against Granolah the Cerealian, the saiyan prince just took a page from Goku"s juvenile book, opting for an attack that would usually be well beneath him.

The attack happens in chapter 76 at a relatively low point during their intense battle. Vegeta not only just failed to lớn defeat the Cerealian despite achieving his new Ultra Ego transformation, but actually attacked Goku to prevent him from taking over the fight, even though he had obviously already lost. After Goku bows out for the sake of Vegeta"s pride, the Saiyan prince knocks Granolah into a nearby thành phố populated by the Sugarians, who peacefully took over planet Cereal after the Saiyans eradicated Granolah"s people. The Sugarians have shown Granolah nothing but kindness ever since they acquired the planet, and the almost villainous Vegeta hopes lớn exploit Granolah"s feelings for them, believing this will prevent Granolah from unleashing his full nguồn so as to lớn avoid hurting them.

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But Vegeta doesn"t just resort khổng lồ despicable tactics such as this. After forcibly moving the fight into the confines of the Sugarian city, the Saiyan prince takes a cue from his rival Goku by biting Granolah. Goku has bitten numerous villains ever since the original Dragon Ball series. He recently sank his teeth into the tails of the God of Destruction Beerus and Golden Frieza in Dragon Ball Super. Goku doesn"t even hold back during sparring matches, having recently subjected the angel Whis khổng lồ this distasteful attack. Broly has also been on the receiving over of Goku"s teeth, but Goku"s more childlike nature can help to make this dishonorable tactic more understandable - Vegeta has no such excuse.

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Despite not being very effective (except in angering foes), it"s ironic that Vegeta resorts lớn a move that"s clearly inspired by Goku"s tactics. Just moments before, Vegeta admitted khổng lồ Goku his true feelings about him, claiming that he would rather die than team up with him, & the only reason he has in the past is because he wanted khổng lồ protect his loved ones. So although Vegeta continues his fight against Granolah on his own without Goku as per his request, he takes this time lớn attack just like Goku. It"s essentially akin khổng lồ Vegeta trying lớn defeat Granolah with a Kamehameha wave.

Vegeta has consistently proved throughout long Ball that he"s driven by a desire to lớn get stronger in his own way, & views himself as in constant competition with Goku. He even unlocked Super Saiyan blue Evolved và Ultra Ego instead of learning Ultra Instinct, which he views as Goku"s technique. Vegeta also possesses a long menu of attacks that he could have employed instead of biting, some of which he created himself. It just goes lớn show how desperate Vegeta is to lớn defeat an enemy himself.

It"s also important to lớn point out that the last time the Saiyan prince mastered a move that Goku couldn"t was during the Planet-Eater Moro"s assault on Earth, when the Yardrats taught Vegeta how khổng lồ wield Forced Spirit Fission. Sadly, the Saiyan Prince ended up using the technique khổng lồ help Goku giảm giá the finishing blow against Moro. It"s understandable that Vegeta is panicking as it becomes clear that the technique he believed would win the day isn"t enough to lớn take down Granolah, & mimicking Goku"s penchant for biting could be a clue that deep down, he knows that he needs lớn be a little more like his Dragon Ball Super ally if he"s ever going to be the universe"s strongest warrior.