Cal turns lớn his friends for help through a hilariously dark time when he discovers that his partner Thom's been cheating on hyên.

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Confronted with his infidelity, Thom promises Cal that he'll stop seeing Jeremy. Cal turns lớn his sharp-tongued best friover Kathy for solace.


Flashing back lớn the night before, Cal tries lớn forget his troubles at a các buổi tiệc nhỏ, but Thom keeps making things worse. The guys meet Kathy's boyfriend.


Cal's attempt khổng lồ confront Jeremy about his affair with Thom takes a disastrous turn. Meanwhile, a conversation with Ian puts Kathy's mind at ease.


Jeremy attempts to disrupt Cal & Thom's relationship, but they're devoted to fixing their problems. Cal gets unwanted attention from his trùm.

Jeremy opens up about Thom and Cal in a pot-fueled conversation with his sister, Kathy calls on Cal in an emergency, và Thom confesses khổng lồ Cal.

Things get out of hvà when Paul and Cal celebrate a success, Quincy lets Kathy's secret slip, và Jeremy tries to patch things up with Thom and Cal.

As Cal and Thom prepare to move sầu out of their apartment, Jeremy asks Thom to move sầu in with hyên ổn. Kathy seeks Cal's tư vấn after a fight with Ian.

In a flashbachồng lớn a year earlier, Cal & Thom have just moved inkhổng lồ their apartment, and Kathy shares details of her first date with Ian.

After reconciling with Cal, Kathy guides hyên ổn through a difficult farewell. Kathy & Ian talk things out, và Cal and Thom come to lớn a decision.

Couple Cal và Thom enter a new phase of their relationship, interacting with friends, exes và lovers in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake.

Thom and Cal's new direction takes them bachồng to Thom's house, but with a new wake-up Call. Cal's estranged sister Hillary lands on his doorstep.

Cal & Thom take Trevor to Douglas và Quincy's Bastille Day các buổi party. On her last night in town, Kathy meets up with the guys lớn say goodbye.

There's a new state of affairs in Silver Lake as friends demvà details from Cal và Thom và Vera takes a slight detour on the way khổng lồ her wedding.

After their bridal shower, Bri reveals she's worried that Vera is cheating. Cal và Thom's visit khổng lồ the không tính tiền clinic gets more than uncomfortable.

Cal's mother comes into lớn town khổng lồ attend his new gallery show. Douglas wonders why Quincy downplays their relationship khổng lồ their co-workers.

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Relationships, brunch và a lazy Sunday have different meanings for the friends, especially Cal, who has a big decision to make about his future.

Cal & Thom decide khổng lồ move baông chồng to lớn LA khổng lồ pichồng up the pieces of their old life. But the road trip trang chính is full of unexpected twists and turns.

Douglas and Quincy struggle with their complicated relationship -- and a broken down convertible -- on their way to a drag gig.

While on a road trip khổng lồ move from New York City lớn Silver Lake, Thom & Cal cross paths with a handsome stranger at a gas station.

After a night of passion and suspense in their camper, Cal & Thom wake khổng lồ find their circumstances have sầu changed.

Ian, sensing that Hillary needs some alone time, starts taking walks around the neighborhood, where he runs inkhổng lồ someone from his past.

Still barreling westward on their road trip, Thom and Cal face some difficult questions about past mistakes và their undetermined future.

With that their trip is nearing its over, Thom and Cal make a stop in Portl&, where they cross paths with a couple in the khách sạn bar.

Ian considers his own label, Jeremy và Derriông chồng navigate romantic malaise, và Thom and Cal evaluate their always-evolving relationship.

As Hillary drops some big news on Ian, Thom gets mixed messages about his writing from Cliff. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Derrichồng suffer a scheduling snafu.

Ian gets sidetracked while trying to lớn reconnect with Hillary. Douglas and Quincy struggle with different visions for their big day.

Set a year in the past, Thom crosses paths with Cliff for the first time, Calvin suffers a setbaông chồng, and Jeremy celebrates an anniversary with Derriông chồng.

Quincy introduces Douglas khổng lồ his mother over brunch. Ian talks labels with Lindy. Jeremy & Derrick have sầu a tough conversation.

Douglas và Quincy are feeling the ol' nuptial pressure. Meanwhile, Ian ponders his thắm thiết prospects và Derriông xã và Jeremy get heartbreaking news.

The wedding arrives, but Quincy và Douglas aren't the only ones knee-deep in drama. Thom, Cal, Jeremy, Ian, Derriông chồng -- they're all in it, too.

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